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Bruised and bloody

Titled: Bruised and bloody
Author: Therese N.
Fandom: Avengers (movieverse)
Characters/Pairings: Natasha Romanova/Thor (implied)
Word count: 123
Rating: Teen, for violence
Warnings: None
Author's note: This probably requires an explanation... I started reading The Avengers Kink List Team Bonding Session (which is amazing, and there's plenty of more fic in the comments!). Petra mentioned that she thought Natasha could be a good daddy for Clint, but not for Thor. I thought it could work, and my brain started writing it in ljodahattr. (I can't be the only one who writes Thor fanfic in Old Norse verse, right? Anyone?) The kink is only implied in the finished poem.

A note on ljodahattr, for the poetry geeks: It's an alliterative verse common in the Eddas, and one of the easier Old Norse meters. (The son of Odin deserves drottkvätt, but I'm not that good a skald.) A stanza is composed six lines: two lines with two stressed syllables each, followed by a third line with three stressed syllables, and then the pattern is repeated. The first letter in the first stressed syllable on the first line is repeated in at least one of the stressed syllables on the second line. (More repetitions are allowed. This also means that Avengers Assemble is not an alliteration; Avengers alliterate on the v and assemble on the s.) In the third line, there is another alliteration on two or three of the stressed syllables. All vowels count as the same letter for the purpose of alliteration (but it's prettier to alliterate on different vowels), and sp, sk and st are different from s followed by other letters. I chose to make this a little more difficult, by having the second and fifth line be short after the second stressed syllable, and by re-using the alliteration from line three in line four and five. Oh, yeah, and by writing this in my second language...

Spider fighting
thunder spell
bruised and bloody she lay.
Band of brothers:
sister's bane?
Care, said the Captain, for her.

Bewildered she woke;
the son of Wotan
stood, hammer drawn, by the door.
Do you forgive me?
Always, my dear,
now bring me a glass of your brew.

Hospitals scare her.
Budem! To your health!
They sat in silence and drank.
Sullen and solemn
safeguard and ward;
tables turned in the night.

Endless warrior
prince of the Æsir
born to battle and strife.
Bold, with the heart of an
innocent boy.
She shrugged and shouldered the role.

Sister and brother;
father and son;
all the same in the end.
Always, she whispered,
always your friend.
The Widow watching the God.


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Jun. 19th, 2012 01:58 pm (UTC)
You're stark staring bonkers, my dear, dear friend. But in an absolutely wonderful way.
Jun. 19th, 2012 09:21 pm (UTC)
Wow! I'm astonished and impressed that you could do that in that style! Excellent!

Here via Petra's rec.

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